The Correlations’ saga

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It is a story about rear depth of correlations between people which we even don’t feel, this confusion lead us to wrong conclusions concerning moral estimates being adhered to people.

Surrogates of meaning. I work and have no time to think

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In this article recites the meaning of the author about long-standing discussion about correlation between personal responsibility of people for their actions and lives and the same responsibility of all society for each its member.

Russian bourgeois class short-sells their western colleges by immoderate with puppets

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Russian presidential elections have been fixed on 5th of March. Despite the fact many candidates have turned up their sleeves standing for the leadership, large majority of electorates are conceiving their preparations as regular political performance. The society splinted up on two uneven groups: the men who monitors politics and don’t believe in reality of opposition due to prehistory and ones who fill falsehood of the upcoming just intuitively.  Vague filling of artificial things can easily be subjective but who would take upon himself to gainsay the facts. It has been Medvedev who affirmed recently that the elections of 1995 were fabricated by Boris Eltsin. It’s enough to stop talking about any democratically logic in events of the USSR’s collapsing, ensuing years and even nowadays: given that today’s rulers of Russia are straight successors of nineties. First years of new Russia...

NEWS 10 of 35 Abkhazian parliament’s deputative mandates could be taken by Armenians

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Candidates’ recommendation for The People’s Assembly (Narodnoe Sobranie) election is ongoing. There are ten Armenian’s surnames among the nominees have registered already. The most number of them are from Gulripshskiy region, an administrative area to the east from Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia. It stands to mention, the term of documents feed comes to an end, it expires 8th of February. According to the Abkhazian legislation, common quantity of deputative mandates in state’s parliament is 35 only. It makes real power out of deputies, especially in case they belonged to opposition. On the other hand, Abkhazia inclines to be a presidential republic. Narodnoe Sobranie has no authority suppressing the Government’s decisions. It can, at the most, to annunciate impeachment a president. Having been fulfilled in 2010, Abkhazian population census reads Armenians work out 17% of the state’s...

MSU School of Public Administration

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MSU School of Public Administration is a leader of Russian education; it has saturated scientific and social life and gives its students significant opportunities in different fields

Correlation between Russia’s and Customs Union’s rules of certification

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There are a lot of articles about Russian national rules in the compulsory certification, the information predominantly out-of-date, and there is the information about certifications in the Customs Union, but as I’ve noticed, it isn’t any materials, which recites of interaction of these two important parts of conformity assessment, статья рассказывает о соотношении правил в области сертификации на национальном российском уровне и правил формирующегося Таможенного союза.